Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mmmmm, donuts...

Date: April 8
Mileage: 44
Ride type: Social/Solo
April mileage: 141
Year to date mileage: 847

A beautiful Saturday and a beautiful ride with the crew from Hiawatha. And this time, since it wasn't raining we actually rode longer than we drank coffee! Don't get into a panic, there was still coffee involved. And donuts. And croissants. After a looping 20 mile ride from the shop to downtown Saint Paul and back we stopped by Minnehaha Coffee and enjoyed the day as it was (finally) warming up. Sidewalk seating in the sun, even.

After my turtle mocha and donut, whose combined caloric content I don't even want to think about, I decided it would be best for my waistline to ride more. I headed north into Minneapolis along the West River Road and crossed over at Franklin to the East River Road. I followed that down to Lilydale and then headed home. By my gmaps pedometer reckoning I logged just over 44 miles for the day. I got home, showered and ran a few errands and now I'm trying not to eat everything in the house before dinner time. One of my errands included a stop at Byerly's for 2 pounds of dry aged sirloin, so I want to have an appetite. The way my stomach is growling I don't think it will be an issue. 44 miles will do that to a guy.


Tex69 said...

i'm not worthy. i'm fiddling with bikes. you're riding them. bien hecho

Pete said...

Tex man, you're worthy. There's always somebody who rides farther and faster. The thing that matters is that you're riding.

Nancy said...

Those steaks were incredible!