Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's official. As of today, no riding until the Ironman. I drove to the LRT today and will do the same tomorrow. The weatherfolk are saying there's a 40% chance of rain on Sunday, so I'm all up in the air about what to do for the ride, bikewise. There's a whole list of reasons why I shouldn't ride the Jamis:

New Brooks.
Ride's not completely dialed in.
Rain. (see New Brooks, above)
No rack to carry rain jacket/everything else on.

But, unless it's really looking like rain on Sunday I might ride it anyway. Now that I got the awkward shifting sorted out it's a whole lotta fun to ride.

Because I'm not riding I thought tonight would be a good time to tear down the Schwinn and see if I can figure out where this weird grinding was coming from. So first I took the rear wheel off. And after a lot of grunting and groaning and getting out my big orange pipe wrench, I got the freewheel off the hub. My intention was to repack the bearings. But, when I took the QR skewer out, whoops! My axle! It was broken. I guess I need a new one of those. That might explain that grinding noise.

I took it as a sign and threaded the freewheel onto the Campy rims and Panaracer tires that I picked up at the bike swap in February. The Campy rims are black and the Panaracers are blackwalls. It's a nicer look than the silver Weinmann rims and the brownwalled Continentals I had been running. I also pulled apart the bottom bracket and relubed and repacked everything down there as well. My ultra-cheap moustache bars ($20 including shipping!) showed up from Nashbar today too. I'm still debating on whether I should swap those out before the ride Sunday or after. Either way, I'm going to have to stop and get some bar tape from Jim this weekend.


Doug said...

Pete, just checked the latest forcast when I got up this said an 80% chance of rain for Sunday in the Twin Cities...yuck!! Looks like it will be a wet one. Last year, just a few days before the Ironman, I picked up one of those seatpost racks so that I could carry extra clothes in. I already had a trunk. It worked well. I haven't used it since, but I'll use it again Sunday. I like to have clothing options for a long ride in 50 degree, wet and rainy weather.

Sparky said...

pictures of the new set-up, you ingrate!

Good luck with the ride. Remind me never to agree to do the Ironman with you. I'll just be bambooman instead.

Jon said...

How about the Balsawood man? That's about my speed.

About what to ride, I'd only pass on the Jamis if you don't have fenders. With them the Brooks should be fine, even in the rain. And about 1000 time more comfy than a Specialized BG thingy.