Friday, December 30, 2005

The best laid plans...

Yeah, remember how amped I said I was about the snow? This morning it was mostly beautiful. I rode in and didn't have any problems at all. Dakota County could do a better job of plowing the shoulder on Sibley Memorial, but it wasn't a big deal. The snow was sticky and the bike cut through it like a hot knife. It was a thing of beauty. Downtown was a little treacherous though. Lots of slippery hardpack. I had a hard time getting going at a couple of intersections, but I made it in unscathed.

Then this afternoon I decided to leave work early, because there was just nothing to do. I got down to the parking garage and started getting the bike ready to go when I noticed that the rear tire was flat. D'oh! So I pulled out my pump and tried to air it up. My pump wouldn't work! After about 20 minutes of messing with it, I gave up. I wanted to call my wife, but my cell phone battery was dead!! So I went back upstairs and called her on her cell and at work, but got not answer in either place. So I left her a message saying that I was taking the train home and would she be kind enough to meet me at the station?

I pushed my bike to the train station and just missed one. Then the next car was so packed there was no way I could get on. The train after that was out of service. So I finally got on the next train and wondered the whole 25 minutes whether she would be at the station when I got there. She was (thanks honey)! She was getting worried about me, and had decided that she would wait for three more trains before she went looking for me. Good thing I managed to get on the one I did. But my long leisurly ride home was not to be. I shoveled snow instead. Sigh.

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