Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I didn't ride today. Yesterday, I had a Perfectly Good Excuse for not riding. I totally overslept and as a result the girls missed the school bus. So I had to drive them to school. And, once the car is warmed up and out of the garage there's really no point in putting it back, is there? Plus, I had school.

But today? I sort of have an excuse. I wasn't feeling well last night. I could be coming down with something. But, a part of me still wanted to ride. If I could have found my other wool sock (missing sock? a potential excuse!) I might have. But it's not really a good reason. The real reason I didn't ride is that it's butt cold out. I heard on the radio that the wind chill was -20. So, while I went through the motions of looking for the socks my heart wasn't really in it. So I drove. So sue me.

But the good news is, somebody rode this week. Yesterday my wife sent our kids outside to play. About half an hour later one poked her head back in the house and asked, "Is it OK if we ride our bikes?" So here they are, on the coldest day of the winter, riding. How awesome is that??
My wife has titled this picture "Lunacy, inherited".


Lunatic Biker said...

Nice picture. My kind of kids. Now find them socks or buy more.

Matt said...

Darn, I just bought studded tires for the bike, I could just have put on training wheels like your kids'. I always think of these things too late!