Thursday, December 29, 2005

On and on

Man oh man, are all y'all missing out. Yesterday afternoon while I was at work I had a great post all composed in my head. It had humor, wit and was super shiny, unlike most of my posts. But I thought to myself, save it for when you get home. I thought this was a good idea because after a good ride I always feel much more clear-headed and I figured the time would make a good post even better. But the other thing that happens during a ride is that I stop thinking about anything other than riding. I'm fully involved in the moment, dodging potholes and road debris, keeping an eye on wayward drivers like the woman in the Mustang who totally cut me off yesterday. I knew she was going to do it, but I was upset anyhow. As she passed me I saw that her right turn signal was on. We were so close to the intersection that I knew there was no way she could not cut me off. So I slowed up and shook my fist at her when she did exactly what I knew she would. She drove on, oblivious.

Anyway, thinking about the ride is almost a type of meditation. Unlike the rest of the day when I'm usually thinking about whatever I'm doing with 80% of my brain and the other 20% is thinking about various other things I feel like I'm 100% focused while on the bike. And sometimes the side effect is that I forget about unimportant stuff. Like the post I was going to make. So you, gentle reader, get stuck with this.

There's snow in the forecast for tonight. I'm pretty amped up about it, since the roads have been completely dry ever since I mounted the studded snow tires. They're loud! Riding these on dry pavement sounds like I've got an amplified bowl of rice krispies on my rear rack. Plus, it's got to put some wear and tear on the studs. So I'm looking forward to the 5-6 inches we're supposed to get over the next 24 hours. So you can probably expect my next news to be that I've fallen down somewhere.

Product Reviews:
So far, I've mixed feelings on the Innovas. But I haven't used them in snow so it's not a fair assessment. Yesterday when I rode them I was working like a dog. I realized when I got home that I only had 50psi in them. So I bumped up to 75psi and this morning's ride was a little easier. Still not as good as the Ritcheys with 100psi, but I'll live with it.

I'm totally digging the booties. I'm doing the Lake Sandals/wool socks/booties combo, and my feet have been warm (but it's in the 30s, so this isn't surprising) and most of all extremely comfortable. Unless it doesn't hold up when the temps drop I'm thinking it's a winner.

I used the Alias light on the way home last night. I'm still not sure of the helmet mount. I may adjust the light down a little bit so it shines somewhat closer to me in my normal riding position. But it definitely lights up the road.

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Sparky said...

yeah, I thought of you when I was driving to work through this stuff this morning. Enjoy, fruitball!

I got a bike light this Xmas too - I think it was a blatant hint. I'll have to show it to you when you guys come over tonight, don't let me forget.