Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I've been hearing from old friends and aquaintences after the biking story went out. But this has to be my favorite response to date:

Next time the paper wants to do a story about winter biking, call me. I can re-tell one my favorite winter biking Pete stories to the reporter.

It was the time in college I was sleeping on the couch in our house and I woke up to a burglar coming through the front door wearing a ski mask. I rolled over, pretending to still be asleep in the hopes the burglar would leave. When I heard the burglar sit down on the other couch, I was a bit surprised. I peeked over my shoulder, and it wasn't a burglar at all, but Pete. He looked at me and questioned, "Hey Montie, got some beer?" Pete had been out doing some winter biking at 1:00 am in Moorhead Minnesota.

So those of you who live between Eagan and Minneapolis, don't assume its a burglar if a man in a ski mask pops him after work. It might be Pete. Have a beer ready.


Sparky said...

Great story. I don't have any winter biking stories, only ones about winter stair sledding, and winter fence jumping that ends up breaking collar bones.

KM said...


Great story. I am sure your kids are proud. ;-)

Happy holidays


Anonymous said...


I went and read the Fat Cyclist blog, (and boy is he funny.) I got to looking around, and found your Blog on accident from a link on the Banjo Brothers site.

Your PF pal

vivid dadas

Pete said...

Hi Viv! Hi Sparky!

Emeroz said...

Its been fun keeping up with all the make me proud!