Saturday, December 03, 2005

Let it Snow

I've certainly got no place to go, and it certainly doesn't show signs of stopping. It's been snowing since before I got up. It looks to be more of that light fluffy stuff. Easy to shovel, easy to ride through, slippery as all get out. If you're out riding today, take warning. My elbow's still a little sore from when I wiped out on Tuesday. Tuesday was a pretty good ride, my first true snow commute this year. I made it almost all the way home without incident. But when I got to Sibley Memorial Highway I decided to take the trail instead of riding on the shoulder like I usually do. There's a little hill to descend that gets you onto the trail. The little hill faces south and was, I discovered later, covered with a clear layer of ice. I was down before I even realized I was going to go down. My old headlight exploded in spectacular fashion. Not a first for this thing, but it will be the last. I couldn't find the lens or the bulb, so it's done. Other than that, no permanent harm done. I took the shoulder on Wednesday with no issues.

If I didn't have a huge project due on Monday I'd be tempted to take the fat-tired Miyata out for a spin. It looks like a fun day to ride.

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