Friday, December 30, 2005

Weird Science

Right now there are two bikes on eBay that are intriguing me. One is an older Trek, I'm guessing something like early 80s-late 70's vintage. The interesting thing about this bike is it has been upgraded to Shimano Ultegra Flight deck brake levers/shifters. Which would be kind of cool. It's currently at $51, which is probably cheaper than I could get Ultegra levers for by themselves, even figuring in the shipping.

The other bike is a 2003 Trek 2100 aluminum bike and carbon fork with no other components. It's currently selling for $125. I'm half tempted to bid on them both and move the components and wheelset onto the 2100 and have a decent road bike for about $200.


Anonymous said...

The Ultegra stuff is cool because you can put a Flifhgt Deck computer on with them.


Anonymous said...

err for Flifhgt read Flight.