Saturday, January 27, 2007

Feel better, ya bastard!

So much for my plans. Shortly after laying out my grand scheme for today my body decided to have an impromptu evacuation drill of my entire digestive system. I spent Thursday curled into a ball on the couch in the basement, hoping I'd die soon. I went in to work on Friday because I had to facilitate a meeting. (insert sarcasm here) That went well. Last night I slept for approximately 13 1/2 hours and today I'm feeling somewhat human again. Just in time for mexican food tonight at Boca Chica. Yum. I think.

I hope somebody made it to the ice races today and posts some photos. At least Jim got a flat on the Hiawatha ride today. I flatted on the way home from last week's ride proving Jim's theorem of "they come in threes."


rigtenzin said...

I haven't seen those guys in years. That was fun to watch. By the end, I felt a bit sick myself listening to the hippy's snot sounds.

Pete said...

I've got the entire series on DVD, but I couldn't bring myself to watch this episode until today.