Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here a flat, there a flat, everywhere a flat flat

Last Thursday I woke up to a flat front tire on the Schwinn. I was already bundled up and fortunately I have other bikes I can ride. I once read that you're a true bike commuter if you have a back-up commuting bike, just in case something happens to your primary commuter. So I fired up the Raleigh and went to work. That evening I fixed the flat and I rode the Schwinn the next day. I rode it again Monday and today.

Tonight as I left work I got flat number two on the Schwinn. It was the rear wheel this time. I knew I didn't have a spare tube, and I didn't really feel like messing with a patch because they never seem to hold when applied in cold weather. So, I rang up my lifeline. Can you come get me honey? But, I had forgotten that the piano tuner was coming. So my honey was home with the kids and a semi-tuned piano. Think fast, rabbit. I hopped onto the train. I knew I'd never make it before Hiawatha closed, so I got off at the Lake Street stop. I walked the bike the couple blocks to The Hub and bought three tubes. I fixed the flat outside the store on the sidewalk and rode home.

Before last week, I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a flat. But now, two separate tires within a week's time? Bad karma, that. I wonder what minor deity I've offended. Or, maybe I was just due.

Date: January 9
Mileage: 14
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Schwinn
January mileage: 116
Year to date mileage: 116


jim said...

they come in threes

Pete said...

*Now* he tells me!

Doug said...

I only had 3 flats in 2006 all in a two week period. None on the same wheel. I guess Jim is right.

Sparky said...

Doug - how many wheels does your bike, er, trike? have, anyway?

Dude - you tempted Fate, it was inevitable you'd get one riding without a spare. Good thing you're a quick thinker.

Snakebite said...

There's no quicker thinker than Pete!

Pete said...

I've got to be quick at something!

Doug said...


I never said the flats were all on the same bike...Doug

Matt_J said...

I had a run of three flats over a year ago, and then I put puncture free tires (Continentals) on my bikes. Haven't had a problem since.

Michael said...

Geez, that sucks. I needed a good dose of feeling like a pansy for not riding in the cold, so I thought I'd see what's up over here. Still at it, I see. I'm such a slacker!