Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A tale of two commutes

This morning I decided to take the Schwinn without the studded tires. I figured it wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't. But the ride over the Hwy 55 bridge sucked ass. I finally lifted the bike over the barrier and rode on the shoulder. When I got into Minneapolis I decided to take Minnehaha Blvd. The bike lane on Minnehaha wasn't in great shape and I spent a lot of time out in the main lane. Fortunately traffic was light. But everywhere there was snow it seemed really slippy. I was probably just paranoid, this being the first real snow of the year. No crappie flops, but I was nervous the whole way in.

On the way home I did the smart thing. I took Portland to the Greenway. The bike lane on Portland was in decent shape, which is good because traffic wasn't light. The Greenway was beautiful. The only way I could have fallen there was by wiping out in a pile of salt. When I got to the West River Parkway trail that was pretty good as well. But, it was 40 degrees out. Even when there was snow, it was really just snow-shaped slush. There was one clown coming northbound on the trail. No lights and riding on the wrong side of the trail. He was heading straight toward me, even though my 10w headlight was shining right at him. I waited until I couldn't wait any longer and then yelled at him. "Head's up!" And he followed instructions to a T. His head snapped up, he realized that he was going to have a head on collision and he nearly overcorrected right off the path. Other than that it was a great ride home. Even the bridge was rideable. All in all, I'm glad I didn't take the studded bike.

Date: January 3
Mileage: 26
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Schwinn
January mileage: 26
Year to date mileage: 26

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Tex69 said...

The almost-collision is pretty funny. It makes me think of how pissed we get at careless motorists, but I guess the carelessness extends to those not just in wagons of death.