Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Name is Pete

I'm a big believer in karma. Not that I believe that karma is going to cause me to come back in the next life as a dung beetle or anything like that. But more along the lines of what goes around comes around. If I do something nice for somebody, it makes them happy. This makes the world a better place. The end. I've apparently done something to get my bike karma out of whack, as I've had three flat tires since the first of the year. Prior to that, I think the last flat I had was last summer. It's weird.

So last night as I left work there was another fellow suiting up to do bike battle with the elements. We chatted for a bit and he asked me if I thought the downtown Target would have inner tubes for his skinny tires (he's riding 700/23s in the winter, brave or crazy). I told him I didn't think so. As we talked I noticed his tire was completely flat. I pulled out my frame pump and we pumped his tire up. It seemed to be holding air quite well, and he rode off with enough air to get home. In an effort to fully appease the god(s) of flat tires, I spent the evening last night patching up all my tubes and finally fixed the flat on my Schwinn. Just in time for snow.

Date: January 31
Mileage: 20
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Raleigh
January mileage: 309
Year to date mileage: 309


Snakebite said...

May the bike gods smile upon you - and your Schwinn.

Tex69 said...

Solid effort Pete. Slow and Steady wins the philosophical race. It will, and already has, come back around. Go forward with a smile of a job well-done.