Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stuff I Ate

We went to Chicago this weekend. Spent some time visiting with family and friends, and also some time being total tourists. And we spent a lot of time eating.

We ate lunch at the airport on Saturday, because our morning flight was cancelled and we were rebooked. I was super hungry and ate my entire cuban sandwich from Axel's before I could photograph it.
cuban sandwich

When we met our friends, they took us to the local mexican eatery, El Cid. I had the fish tacos. Best fish tacos I've ever had.
fish tacos

I also had an avacado tostada on the side.
avacado tostada

Sunday morning we had a pretty darn good brunch that I forgot to photograph. Between our kids and the relations there was way too much going on. But Sunday evening we had a killer thai meal. I can't even remember what everything was, but everything I tried was good.
thai food

Since we were in Chicago, pizza seemed appropriate. But we couldn't get Chicago style delivered. We settled for this.
pizza box

We made a pretty good dent, considering the girls were asleep and didn't help.

English didn't seem to be the pizza guy's first language, and when we placed the order we weren't sure they would be able to find us or get the correct order. They succeded on both counts, even though this seems to be all that was written down.
pizza receipt

I ate other stuff too, but most of it was too unremarkable to photograph.


rigtenzin said...

The photo of the empty plate made me laugh.

Nancy said...

You didn't get a photo of the Italian dinner!

Michael said...

Yeah, I loved the shot of the empty plate.

I've lived in Chicago and that area a few times in my life. It's too bad you didn't get proper Chicago-style pizza, and now you've got me really wanting some! Carmen's (in Evanston) was always my favorite.

Lois said...

"Stuff I Ate," now you are talking my language...& the guest check was a nice chuckle!