Saturday, February 10, 2007

Never trust a man with a butt broom on his face

Even though it was sub-zero in the morning yesterday, it didn't seem that bad. I must be acclimating. We're having overnight housepests tonight, so we spent yesterday evening and this morning cleaning all those nooks and crannies that you only clean when you have overnight housepests coming. I'm hoping to make it over to the Bike Swap for a bit tomorrow. Why yes, I am interested in that complete Suntour drivetrain. Who wouldn't be?

Date: February 9
Mileage: 21
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Raleigh
February mileage: 101
Year to date mileage: 420


rigtenzin said...

What did you find at the swap meet?

Eclectchick said...

Butt Broom??