Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blog maintanence

matt's bar
After a ride yesterday and dinner at Matt's bar, I needed a day to unwind. I got some minor maintanence done on the bikes. It was colder than I expected, so no washing. But the biggest accomplishment of the day was some long overdue blog maintanence. Nearest and dearest to my heart is the fact that I now have all of my bikes featured under the "My Bikes" section in the sidebar. I had a couple bikes I hadn't photographed, mainly because they were not fully assembled and I didn't want to show them to the world in various states of disrepair and or assembly. But I'm now up to date. Here's the list as it stands today:

Jamis Satellite
Miyata Shredder
Montgomery Wards Hawthorne
Raleigh Eclipse
Raleigh Robin Hood
Schwinn Premis
Sun EZ Tadpole trike

I also did some long overdue work on the blogroll. I started by removing several defunct blogs. There's several I left on there that haven't been updated in ages. But I'm an optimist. I also added a ton of new folks that I've been reading. Take a look, there's some interesting folks in our neighborhood:
Local Bloggers

Lunatic Biker
First, Last and Always
Lady Velo, high priestess of the 27-tooth cog
ugly bike
Mellow Velo
Nathan's Blog
Two Cities Two Wheels
Oil is for Sissies
The Impossible Thrill
Yon Saucy Wench
The Old Bag
Curious Observer
Bicycling; Life in Minnesota
Red Lantern's Cycling Blog
Heather and David
look ma no hands
Hiawatha Cyclery blog
Out of Work On a Bike
Minneapolis Man
Three Speed Blog
Bike Satan
Bob Brown
The Fog of Work
Got The Bonk
Jim's Phredly Blog
Just A City Girl
The Rookie Rider

I also have a group of not so local, but equally interesting folks:

Balancing the Universe on a Wheel
Bicycles and Icicles
The Minus Car Project
Tex's Luavull Cycling
Up In Alaska
Wrench in the Gears
Adding Fuel To The Fire
Kent's Bike Blog
Large Fella On A Bike

I also started a new section of bike-related podcasts that I've been listening to since I got my iPod last August:

The Bike Show
Crooked Cog
The Fredcast
The Spokesmen

I feel like I've accomplished something this weekend, when in reality I haven't done a thing. It's Miller Time.


Snakebite said...

I need to update my blogroll as well. Thanks for your (unintended) reminder!

Tex69 said...

Nice update Pete. And the Angel is angelic!

Michael said...

Your blogroll is impressive. So much cool stuff there, so little time!