Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weather Update: It's still cold

Yesterday turned out to be a giant-pain-in-the-butt kind of day. After my chilling commute on Monday I still had two red patches on my cheeks. I think I might have gotten a slight touch of frostbite in those two spots between the goggles and my neck gaiter. So I went to REI and picked up a new balaclava. The balaclava seems to be the bright point of yesterday. I wore it as I rode to the train station and it was keeping me pretty darn toasty.

When I got to the train station at Ft Snelling there was a pretty good crowd. I figured that people were scared after the scores of traffic accidents on Tuesday. As I waited a southbound train came and went. Then another. When the third southbound train came I'd been waiting at the platform for nearly 25 minutes without seeing a northbound train. I finally got fed up and headed to work on my bike. I did finally see a train, but this was close to the Lake St/Midtown station, and it seemed pointless to catch it there. So in all I was almost 40 minutes late getting in.

Work was unusually annoying, and then I got roped into a last minute urgent project that kept me at work until after 7:30. So it was after 9 by the time I finally got home. I had a late dinner, read for a bit and went to bed. What a day. Today I'm working from home, for my own sanity. But the new balaclava is nice.

Date: February 7
Mileage: 26
Ride type/Bike: Commute/Raleigh
February mileage: 80
Year to date mileage: 399

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