Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bicycles and beer, a winning combination

Earlier this month I posted about a happy coincidence involving a bike company named Surly and a beer company named Surly. Now, there's a less coincidental tie between bikes and beer. Town Hall Brewing has just released a new seasonal Belgian Amber called Alpine Pedaler. It is "named for those crazy folks that cycle all winter long in our (usually) harsh northern winters. Our coffee is delivered by bike messenger, we've got Town Hall workers that bike to work. We all know cyclists, let's hoist a pint to all the folks that break out those fat winter tires and don't give in to Old Man Winter" according to their beer release memo. Tonight is the official release for this beer, and between 5-6 pm pints are just $1. Town Hall does this $1 a pint new release Wednesday about once a month, but this is the first one I've seen that is directly bike related. Town Hall is located right at 7 Corners, and it's a great place to hang out. They also sell growlers for around $13, depending on the beer. It's a convenient way to get some of their tasty brew on the go. That reminds me, I've got a couple empties at home I should bring in and refill.


Tex69 said...

now that's a marriage made in heaven, Beer and Bikes.

Glibbidy said...

MMMMMMM beer! Belgian beer.