Monday, January 30, 2006

Another local bike commuting story

Courtesy of Lunatic Biker, aka Ray, there was another story in the paper about a guy who commutes year round. A decent, bike-positive story, which we can't have enough of in my opinion. Here's the link:

It takes two wheels and a will to commute

Edit: And, I just found out that TOB got interviewed! She didn't make the article (must be some kind of communist plot to keep the wonderfully creative out of the limelight), but her comments are available at her blog.


Tex69 said...

so Pete, with your 34 degree days, are you getting YOUR mileage in? i was impressed with your all 5 days last week. there is a girl/woman at my school who commuted all but 7 days all last school year. 7!! very impressive, and i can't say i'm so much.

Pete said...

I'm working on it. I'll be near 250 for January after tonight's commute, and I'm pretty happy with that. It's January, after all!