Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Clue #5

Clue #5
If you're aerobic and hardly tree phobic
You might make your outing pay
Don't be left in a lurch, do your research,
This could be your red letter day

All I'm really getting out of this is that it will be somewhere on a wooded hillside. It may be somewhat of an aerobic exercise to climb up or down to the location. The red letter day is killing me, because I can't think of anything to make sense of it.

Oh, and I have a slight correction. In clue #4, the word "vent" is actually "bent." My source dictated it slightly wrong. Not a huge deal, but it takes care of that Circus JuVENTas tie-in I had going.


Tuffy said...

"Red letter" = signage near the site written in red. Plenty of signage in/near the park I'm thinking of...

Pete said...

Battle Creek?

Nancy said...

3M. Of course! *feels stupid*

These clues, always so easy to work out after someone else has done the finding...