Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Clue #4

Clue #4
For the brave at heart, it's time to start
Searching hill and glen
Pitch a tent if that's your vent
But stay within your ken

This clue sounds decidedly Scottish. Brave at Heart (Braveheart). Hill and Glen (Scottish glens, Glenlivit, etc), and "stay within your ken" sounds like it could have a distinct Shawn Connery-like brogue. Couple this with the previous Pearson Candy clue (Pearson's is located on 7th, just south of Highland Park), and it looks like we're being steered toward Highland Park.

This part isn't my own thought, but it does fit. A "child's proclivities" could be a reference to a circus. The circus theme also fits with the "pitch a tent" line in today's clue. There is a local circus called Circus Juventas (youth in Latin). Juventas was the greek god of youth. And Circus Juventas headquarters is located on 1270 Montreal Ave. And Montreal Ave just happens to be the northern boundary of Highland park. Very interesting.


Tuffy said...

A couple additions to your post:
1) Highland Park High's nickname is the "Scots", and the high school is a stone's throw from the actual park
2) "Stay within your ken" is telling hunters to stay within the park limits, i.e., don't go on the brand-spanking new golf course across the street!

Pete said...

I think there's a double meaning with "stay within your ken." First is the one you identified. But also, it may mean that you need to keep something in sight. Ken often refers to a sightline. I'm thinking Circus Juventas currently, but that could change.

Also, I didn't even notice last night that "Juventas" has the word "vent" in it, which is another part of the clue. JuVENTas.