Friday, January 27, 2006

Dream Weaver

Date: January 27
Mileage: 18
Ride type: Commute
January mileage: 227
Year to date mileage:227

This has been a long week on the bike. I'm not used to 5 riding days in a row, I guess. Monday was the hard commute on the packed snow. Tuesday I had the wind at my back and kind of let it all hang out, riding faster than I probably needed to. Wednesday was the mock-fixie day, and yesterday was the headwind from hell. Today was just your average commute, but it felt like there was a headwind. My legs need a break this weekend, because I'm feeling it tonight. It doesn't help that I've been up later than I should have been every night waiting for that damn treasure hunt clue. It's always depressing to know that it's been found but at the same time there's a sigh of relief, knowing that I can start getting decent amounts of sleep again. And speaking of, I think I'm off to bed. Before 11:00. On a Friday. Party on, Wayne.

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