Thursday, January 12, 2006

Had to get away

Potential weekend revision. The Mrs. called and has a yen to get out of Dodge. Her requirements are:
-within two hours or so of the Twin Cities

My requirements are:
-someplace to ride my bike
-sauna (more of a desire than a requirement)
-hottub (also optional)

Anybody ever taken a winter bike vacation that didn't involve going someplace warm?


the old bag said...

My winter weekends involve finding snow and xc ski trails within 1-3 hours. I'm not sure about the winter mtb-ing, though: Duluth (or just outside of Duluth either to the north or south), Mille Lacs area, Lake Maria State Park (near Monticello)...WI: Rice Lake, Hudson, Eau Claire, Dresser...all nice little communities that tend to cater to skiers, ice fishermen, or snowmobilers in the winter, so you should be able to find the sauna/hot tub, anyway. has listings of xc ski trails by region that may be able to give you mtb info or direct you to mtb resources.

Pete said...

Thanks for the advice! It's looking like the weekend was a little too short notice so we may be in town after all. But we are definitely going someplace in February for our (12th) anniversary so I'll keep this in mind.