Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Date: January 26
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
January mileage: 209
Year to date mileage:209

This morning, instead of riding the train from Ft Snelling to the Government Plaza station I got off at the Franklin Ave station instead. It added about 2 miles to my morning, but I still got to work about the same time. Which is cool. 20 miles is easier to add than 18. The wind on the way home was brutal. It was like every great thing I posted about on Tuesday, but in reverse. With the warm weather tonight there were tons of people walking on the path. Here's a tip. If you're walking your dog, and you run into your neighbor who is walking his three dogs, don't stop to chat right in the absolute middle of the path. Two guys and four dogs are impossible to get around.

I shook my fist in anger at a car tonight on the way home. But it was a move of solidarity. I was riding on the River Road path at a point where the path is really close to the road. There was a guy on a bike coming toward me, but he was riding on the road rather than on the path. Which is cool with me. You want to mix it up with the cars, go ahead. Me, if there's a decent path alternative I'll take it. Anyway, this guy was riding a little out from the curb and the car behind him had to slow down and wait for an oncoming car to go by before passing the cyclist. As the car raced past the cyclist the driver blew his horn at the biker for a long time. So I shook my fist in the air. Take that, buddy.


KM said...

The people with dogs yesterday were out of control. What is it with people using 20 foot leashes? I called out that I was about to pass and most people reeled the dogs in but a few did not and gave me the dirty looks.


Lunatic Biker said...

With you totally on the chatting on the trail concept. Like KM said, then they give me/you/us the dirty looks.