Saturday, January 14, 2006

You told me to go back to the beginning. So I have. This is where I am, and this is where I'll stay. I will not be moved.

Date: Friday the 13th
Mileage: 18
Ride type: Commute
January mileage: 106
Year to date mileage:106

Plans come, and plans go. My original plan for the weekend was to get out on the bike and do some utility cycling. I need to get a book for the new semester that started on Monday. I need to buy some basics, like deoderant and body wash. And then I want to reorganize my garage. Then, I changed my mind and was going to go to breakfast with my buddy Sparky, and join up with a TCBC ride at 11:00. Then Annie invited me to come ride this morning at 9:00. Then, my wife decided she wanted to go out of town.

Now, no out of town. Sparky called and cancelled breakfast, sounding sleepy as all get out. I would have had time to get to Lake Harriet, but I decided to give Annie's friends the opportunity to smack her around for even offering to invite me (That guy gives me the creeps, don't tell him where we're riding!). I could still make the 11:00 ride, but I'm not feeling like an organized ride today. So I'll go back to the beginning and plan to ride to Metro State, get my book, stop somewhere for some bathroom basics and take my time. Utility cycling alone. Sounds good to me.

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Nancy said...

Oh dear, everything really went all topsy turvy, didn't it? Le sigh.