Friday, February 17, 2006

Ambition is overrated

The problem is not a lack of ability,
but a lack of ambition.

Had a lovely dinner with Mrs. and our friends Sparky and alanaeveryday at a Thai place. Who doesn't need spicy Thai when it's -34 windchill and -13 actual air temp? The above was in my fortune cookie.

When I got home I poured a glass of wine and settled in to watch my new favorite winter Olympics sport, snowboard cross. After a quarterfinal and semifinal heat it was down to the finals. Four women competing for three medals. Lindsey Jacobellis was the American in the finals and so was receiving the most airtime. After an initial tight opening, Ricker went down hard and was later airlifted off the slope. So Jacobellis was guaranteed a medal at this point. But she pulled away and had a commanding lead. Insurmountable. Unbeatable. And she got somewhat ambitious. On one of the last jumps she went for a grab method. It's a little "check me out" manuver similar to a hockey player pumping their fist after a goal. Men's snowboarders Seth Wescott and Nate Holland do this manuver all the time. I'm sure Lindsey has done it 1000 times too. But this time, she fell. And it cost her gold. She managed to get back up quickly and take the silver. She did nothing wrong, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing that her teammates wouldn't have done with that lead. And now she'll be second guessed as long as anyone remembers the Torino games. And my heart is breaking for her.


Tuffy said...

Going to have to disagree with you, Velocipete. I'm not convinced that justifying Jacobellis' actions on the basis that others do it regularly is reasonable. Arrogance is arrogance is arrogance, whether or not is has or hasn't risen up to bite someone in the past. In my opinion, she was showing off -- thus, by definition, showing up her competitors -- and got exactly what she deserved.

Tex69 said...

it's just snowboarding. who gives a crap other than that it's entertaining to watch. in a way, she keeps herself "real" by staying true to its shredder 'tude. dumb, but fun.