Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Man was it snowy out today. I was in to work at 6am so I drove today. When I left the snow was really falling. I managed to fall down while walking to my car this afternoon. The snow fell on some ice on the sidewalk and made it slicker than snot. Once I got past that area a woman in a parked car rolled down her window and told me that it's really slippery there. No, really? She then told me that several other people had fallen down there, and "somebody needs to do something about it." Yeah. Thanks for the warning and all.

The roads home were pretty slippery, so if you're on your bike watch out. Cars weren't driving very friendly-like on Portland either. Some woman in a silver Golf wanted to tailgate me. Apparantly I wasn't going fast enough. She finally got fed up and passed me in the left lane. But, she didn't realize that Portland stops being a one-way about 1 1/2 blocks later. When she got to that stoplight she angled in, one car ahead of me. She remained one car ahead of me until around 54th Ave. I watched her tailgate the guy in front of her for a while. Then the car between us turned right and I was behind her. Good thing she spent all that time hurrying. Saved a lot of time, she did.

It looks like the skyway ride was a success. You can view WCCO's coverage of the event at their website. They also have a helmet cam on one of the riders, and you can view all 4 minutes of the course being ridden there too. It's funny, in the pre-race literature they said nobody would be allowed to ride down the stairs. Yet in the helmet cam video I didn't see a dismount. He dismounts going up, but not down. Fun stuff.

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