Friday, February 24, 2006

Return to Form

Date: February 23
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
February mileage: 140
Year to date mileage: 387

As promised, I rode yesterday. It had been 8 days, and as I wrote yesterday I had been feeling a bit of burnout. But after riding home yesterday I realized that taking some time off was the best thing I could have done. That trail home was completely new. I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed, but it's starting to get lighter in the evening. Even though it was barely a week, that translates into 12 extra minutes of daylight according to the folks at What does 12 minutes mean to me? 12 minutes means that I don't have to turn my big headlight on until I'm through Minnehaha Park and crossing into Fort Snelling. And Fort Snelling means I'm practically home. I can tell it's not summer though. In summertime the sun sets and you get a long, langorous descent into darkness. You can finish mowing the lawn after sunset and still see what you're doing. You don't need to turn the patio light on for a while. In the winter, the sun goes down and 5 minutes later it's dark. So even though it was dark quick, I don't mind. It was still 12 more minutes.



Tex69 said...

good for you Pete. i haven't ridden either, since Monday. looks like, with my spring schedule, wednesdays will be the other regular riding day for me, and that's if i'm lucky. i think we're creeping towards regular days in the 40s and 50s, and much less of the bitter cold, kentucky style.

Michelle said...

I totally understand the "12 minutes" Every extra second of daylight assures us here in Alaska that we SURVIVED another winter and it WILL be WARM again! I can't wait to see something green, I'm burned out on white. It's snow heavily as I type, sigh :)