Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January wrap-up

Date: January 31
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
January mileage: 247
Year to date mileage: 247

Nearly 250 miles in January, not too shabby. Of course it helps that this has been the warmest January in 160 years, according to my wife. All commute miles too. Nice.

In other news, I was e-mailed today that on-line registration for The Minnesota Ironman bike ride opened today. I've ridden this ride twice and they do a nice job putting on the event. It starts out in Lakeville, which is kind of a haul, but it's fun. There's a choice of 30, 62 or 100 miles and you can make your decision the day of the ride. It's April 30 this year, so register early and mark your calendars. I've done the 62 mile route before, but this year I'm contemplating doing the 100. It would be cool to get my first century (one of my 2006 goals) out of the way early this year. And the best part? You get an Ironman pint glass from Park Tool. A couple years ago I got a sweet Park bottle opener. It's stainless steel and has a rubberized blue handle, just like all of Park's hand tools. Nice.


Tex69 said...

VERY nice Park schwag! i'm quite certain there aren't any centuries around here with that kind of loot. and impressive mileage total only on commutes. i goofed on my mileage so i have to tweak some totals. we'll see how January ends up. Feb started well though. 60 degrees first day!!

Pete said...

$30 event fee for a $5 bottle opener. I could buy it from my LBS and be ahead $25. But where's the fun in that??

annie said...

A pint glass? What's that about? All I got last year was a crappy t-shirt!

Pete said...

Two years ago I got a crappy t-shirt, but I had to pay $15 for it!