Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

It's been a hell of a nice weekend here in Pete Land. Friday night we went to Family Fun Night at the girls' school. You haven't lived until you've been in an elementary school gym on a Friday watching young'uns boogie their hearts out to songs you used to boogie your heart out to in college. And it's a lot like a college dance. It started out pretty orderly and everybody followed the conventions they were expected to follow. But as the night dragged on, soon dancers were falling down and running into each other and laughing hysterically. The only difference is that here the kids weren't sneaking out for beers. And once you've heard the extended dance mix of The Hampster Dance, you'll know you can die. Maybe not happy, but you can die. Quickly, if possible.

Saturday was good too. I had to work, but only for a couple of hours and I managed to get in some rare daylight riding time. The girls, still riding the Family Fun Night high, were completely adorable and played together nicely all day. That right there is enough to make my weekend. I made an italian pot roast for dinner, but used a homebrewed Scottish Wee Heavy instead of the red wine the recipe called for. It turned out really well.

Today I hit the Bike Swap over in St Paul. I wasn't planning on buying much, but it was great fun to walk around and just look at stuff. I did end up with a new wheelset. Campagnolo wheelsetI was looking for a wheelset for the orange bike, and these are a little nicer than what I was hoping for. But they're Campy with brand new Panaracer tires and new tubes. The guy selling them had to make a quick phone call to his girlfriend to OK the haggle price, so I think I did alright. I also stopped and picked up a water bottle from Jim at Hiawatha Cyclery with my last $5. Hiawatha cyclery waterbottleIt was nice to meet Jim though he looked a little shell-shocked, probably from the sheer volume of people he'd talked to. I didn't show up until about 11am, and it sounds like business was steady the whole morning from conversations I had and overheard. On my way out the door I passed somebody who looked like Annie, but I wasn't sure and needed to get to the grocery store. If it was you Annie, Hi! I spent the afternoon swimming at the Y with the kids. We stopped of on the way home and got some new fish for the aquarium, since we needed to get more fish food anyway. And now I'm relaxing and reading blogs while watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics wind down. I just heard this morning that my cousin has a very real chance of going to the Olympics in 2010 as part of the women's curling team, so I'm extremely excited for her.

Even though things can get stressful and overwhelming at times and my newest bike is well over 10 years old, life is good.



annie said...

Might've been me, I was there from about 11 to 12 or so. So hi right back at ya!

Jim said...

Nice wheels from the swap meet. I enjoyed just digging through the crap and cremeola there. Got a couple of good deals without breaking the bank.

Jim from Saint Paul

Pete said...

Yeah, they're nicer than anything else I'm running right now. And I always have fun sorting through bike crap. Whee!