Saturday, February 18, 2006

This is what I've been training for

To prepare for the epic event I started calorie loading yesterday. I had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Though it was a bitter -13 degrees outside, it was warm in the conference room I found myself in at noon. There was chicken with penne pasta in a white cream sauce and salad and italian bread. I had a slice of strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then when I got back to my desk I was just in time to attend a retirement party for one of our directors. I had another slice of cake. I needed to be ready. When I got back to my desk there was a note from my director that snacks had been delivered. I had an on the go refuel of chicago style popcorn and M&Ms. This kept my energy level high enough to be able to commute home on the train and in my car. No ride, I'm tapering. Then, I drove and had spicy Thai food. I topped it off by watching the Olympics in bed with a glass of wine. I felt prepared.

Today as Jill was preparing to head into the wilderness I prepared as well. To conserve energy I moved the laptop from the table to the easy chair. I considered starting a fire, but this would involve going into the cold garage to get wood. And even more frightening, the possibility that I would need to venture outdoors to split additional wood. No fire. Not worth the risk. From the safety of my chair I monitored the progress of TOB as she bravely refused to leave her house. No word yet from Tim.

About 4pm I bundled up and ventured outside. It was risky, and perhaps foolhardy. But I managed to meet my wife for dinner at the local bistro. Beers were consumed. Food ingested. I stopped at the package store and laid in supplies. A 12 pack sampler from Summit Brewing, because I didn't know what the conditions would be like. And a 6er of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Which I'm finding is delicious.

Shortly I plan to transition from the easy chair to the bed, where I'll continue to enjoy my porter and snuggle under the down comforter to watch the Olympics. This is a vigil, and I will be strong. Still no word from Tim. I hope he's OK.


Tim said...

Outstanding, Pete! I'm holding up OK. About to enter "The Zone" and kick in the Afterburners of Comfort. I'll be posting a little later this evening, hopefully with an update on Jill's progress on the trail.

Be strong. You can do this. We're in it together.

the old bag said...


Tim, Pete...I'm so glad you're with me on this one.

Tex69 said...

microbrew beer $17.00
comforter $50.00
laptop computer $700.00
Pete's will and Determination PRICELESS