Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feel like sayin’ foxy

Date: February 7
Mileage: 20
Ride type: Commute
February mileage: 60
Year to date mileage: 307

So I'm turning onto the River Road path tonight as I started my commute and a limo starts heading down the road in the same direction. It's one of those big, white stretch limos. And it's going slow. Once we clear the construction area just past Mill Ruins Park I'm a little behind, but traffic is piling up behind this guy. Where the terrain was favorable, on flats and downhills, I'm keeping up with the traffic. On the downhills I'm gaining. And I notice that the first vehicle behind the limo is a little green Vespa. The Vespa passed the limo. But the rest of the cars followed behind in a very docile fashion.

Then it struck me.

There was no honking of horns, no shouting out the window. No drivers gunning it so they could get around, coming perilously close to hitting an oncoming car because that road just isn't designed to pass on. But with the exception of the Vespa, nobody complains. Yet I've seen numerous occasions during the summer where a cyclist is riding on the road. And most of the roadies who ride out there are cruising along at a much faster clip than this stretch was. Many of them are at or close to the 25mph limit on the River Road. And yet the cars would have been honking, passing unsafely and hollering at the cyclist. Yet they behave with another car that's going 10mph slower.

Oh, and I saw a fox later on. It was red with black feet and about 5 feet away from me, staring me down as I passed. I thought about stopping for a picture, but I figured it would have ran away if I did. And there was no point in totally ruining it's day.

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