Sunday, February 26, 2006

Damn vandals

I was still thinking about how amazing the difference was last week with the increased daylight. But I couldn't figure out a way to quantitatively demonstrate it. But then I remembered that I could! Last month, I stopped and took a picture of the pump that is by the River Road trail. Here it is from January 23:
january pump

As you can see, it's dark. The pump is lit up by my Planet Bike Alias 10w headlight and the flash from the camera. But it's a localized pool of light which quickly fades to black outside the immediate circle.

Now, here's the second shot. It's the same pump at roughly the same time of day, around 5:30 or so. Whenever I get from downtown Minneapolis to this spot.
February pump

This picture was just taken on Thursday. Notice how light it is! You can see the line of the sun hitting the river bluff on the other side of the Mississippi. Beautiful. No flash, no headlight. Spring is coming. Sometimes we just need to prove it to ourselves. Keep your chin up, it will be bike shorts weather before you know it.



Tex69 said...

dang, that's bright for 5.30. it's never that bright in the a.m. here. we're on the absolute western edge of E.T.Z., so later evenings, but darker mornings. makes the commute easier, no doubt.

Pete said...

That's 5:30 PM, son. I'm still a slumbering slug at 5:30 AM.

stupid said...

Yeah baby!!!! That's what I'm talking about. Daylight. Warmer weather! It's coming!!!!!

Glibbidy said...

Even though Winter barely arrived in Vermont, That is very inspiring.