Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

OK, I'm officially worried. My wife is usually the one who worries in our relationship, so this is kinda new to me. Over the course of the last few days, a few folks and I have been making light of how we'll "support" Jill as she rides the Susitna 100. And we've been tracking her progress via their website. The race began at 9am AK time yesterday (noon here in MN). Jill checked in at the 25 mile checkpoint at 12:43 local, out at 12:50. She hit the 46 mile stop at 4:33 pm and was out again at 4:47. A quick leg found her at the 55 mile point at 6:45pm and out again at 6:47. All quick stops, enough time to scarf a little food and whatnot.

But the next checkpoint is at 75 miles. We don't see Jill check in there until 11:55pm, 5 hours later. I have a feeling she really started struggling at this point. She rested there for over an hour and headed out again at 1:05am. She made it to the Little Su checkpoint at 5:43am, nearly 5 hours to cover those 12 miles. She only stopped for 2 minutes, just long enough to get checked in and out. And back to the trail at 5:45am. 13 miles from the finish.

The last web update was at 12:40pm AK time, and she's still not checked in. That's 7 hours for those last 13 miles. Which is why I worry. I'm sending good vibes out into the stratosphere and refreshing the race update page. And wondering. Get in there, girl.

Edit: She's alive and well and posting!


the old bag said...

Me too.

Tim said...

Sounds like she suffered but got through it. And still had the energy and brain cells to write a coherent post!