Friday, February 10, 2006

TDF update

The route for the Prologue and Stage 1 of the 2007 TDF have been released. has a snappy map that I am linking to here. Here's the prologue:

And here's Stage 1:

A full description of the route is available on

Also found on, a completely unrelated story. It seems a farmer in Wiltshire, England received a speeding ticket. He was clocked at 85mph. In a tractor. The farmer, Steve Crossman, said "It's a good tractor, but not that good. It can just about get up to 26mph, but that's downhill, with a following wind and with no trailer on the back. There's no way it could get close to 85mph."

It turns out this was a case of mistaken identity. A happy ending for all, as neither the farmer or the actual speeder will receive a ticket.

complete story


Tex69 said...

wow, nice graphics!

and Go George!

can you imagine Georgie H competing for TdF honors?

Pete said...

I can imagine him competing. I just can't imagine him winning.