Saturday, February 04, 2006

And the fever, getting higher

So I got my annual bonus on Friday. It was a bit bigger than I was expecting, and there's some leftover after we put aside enough to pay for a summer worth of daycare for the rugrats. Last night the Mrs. asked me "So do you want to buy a bike?" And I was all "the responsible adult" and like "No, there's other things that we could use more" etc etc etc. Which is true.

Then today, something sweet like this shows up on eBay. First Surly frame I've seen in my size on eBay. It looks like it would be a perfect commuter. 5 speed internal rear hub, Campy components, Nitto bars, and a Selle saddle. Plus a spare fixed wheel and another spare Nitto bar. Stupid sexy Surly.


Tex69 said...

you know what i think you should do. hell, and the wife offered! this is definitely a good omen- de buen aguero. you must take advantage of these good omens.

the old bag said...

Ooooohhh man. Nice ride.

Pete said...

It's up to $560 already, with 25 bids. And there's still 7 more hours to go. Getting a bit rich for my blood. By the end of the auction it will probably be within a few hundred of a new Steamroller, if not closer.