Saturday, February 25, 2006

She's real fine, my 409

Date: February 25
Mileage: 22 (per gmaps pedometer)
Ride type: Commute
February mileage: 162
Year to date mileage: 409

That's right, it's the rare and elusive Saturday commute. I don't work a lot of Saturdays, and when I do I usually drive in. But not today. Thursday's ride reminded me how much better riding is than driving or taking the train, and the thought of a full AM and PM commute in daylight was too tantalizing to turn down. However, the wind out of the northwest was a bugger on the way in. I kept on pedaling and chanting my mantra: "The ride home will be worth it."

Work was fine. I was just doing some post-install checkout, which is a task I kind of enjoy. Nobody's around, the lights are off and it's peaceful. I turned on MPR's Sounds Eclectic and got to work. It took me longer to get done than I thought, so I scrapped my original thought of doing some off-route exploring and headed straight home. The ride home was worth it. Beautiful sunshine, a near perfect tailwind, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Today's ride brought my year to date total to 409 (unless I misadded). Most folks think of the cleaning spray, but I think of the Beach Boys when I hear that number. When I was a kid my grandmother had a rack of 45s left by her kids and I believe 409 was the B-side to a more popular tune. But it was always one of my favorites and was in heavy rotation whenever we would visit. Not as heavy as The Fendermen's Mule Skinner Blues, but it was up there. Speaking of 45s, according to Musician's Friend, the 45 was originally introduced this week in 1949. By 1955 they were outselling 78s for the first time. For you youngsters. I'm talking about vinyl. Your parents and grandparent's version of an iPod.
45 record
I've got that old Mule Skinner Blues 45 and a bunch of others from grandma sitting behind my basement bar. I've also got a green steel box of square dance 45s that they used to take to the local dance hall. I should find a platter (those things the DJs use to scratch) and give 'em a listen.


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